Consulting Rooms

There are three consulting rooms in Sandwich and one in Aylesham - all linked by a dedicated computer system. Our consulting rooms contain all the equipment needed for a thorough examination including auroscopes and opthalmoscopes. Fridges in each room contain a quantity of small animal vaccines. These rooms lead to a common dispensary where injectable drugs are accessed, and prescriptions and other medications are dispensed.

Preparation Theatre

We have a large preparation theatre where we prepare for surgery, ear cleaning, dentals for cats/dogs/rabbits/guinea pigs, minor stitch ups and small animal endoscopy. There is also a dedicated area for full blood analysis, which is fully computerised. A large amount of in-house testing is carried out and some specimens are sent out to external laboratories for specialist tests.

Sterile Theatre

The sterile theatre is dedicated to soft tissue and orthopaedic ops requiring absolute biosecurity and hygiene. Due to the high hygiene standards that we achieve in our theatre, no antibiotics are used in our routine operations.

Digital X-Rays

The X-Ray Suite houses a Digital X-Ray machine and automatic developer. The x-ray machine is moved to the large animal unit for horse x-rays and can, on occasion, be taken out to owners’ premises when an animal cannot travel in safety. All X-Ray records are stored in the suite. When the Practice is busy the suite can double up for dental operations.

Large Animal Unit

Our large animal unit has a set of stocks for securing our equine patients if necessary. It houses the equine radiography for investigating lameness and a scanner for investigating tendons and pregnancy, which can also be used on small animals. Along side these we also have an endoscopy facility. Sheep caesareans, minor large animal/ equine ops, goat/kid disbudding and treatment of farm stock requiring intensive care are carried out in this unit. We have recently purchased over 3 acres of land behind our surgery and will be extending our service and facilities for the equine and farm side here on the premises.


We have large kennels with the facility to bathe patients as required and a secure outside run. Zoonotic and infectious cases are kept in our separate isolation kennel.


Four anaesthetic machines are available with circuits to suit the many and varied sizes and species. Anaesthetics are closely monitored by our nurses. During prolonged ops a second veterinary surgeon will monitor the anaesthetised patient. We have a very good safety record and all our routine and less complicated surgical procedures are discharged home on the day of surgery.

Other Equipment

Other specialist equipment used within the Practice are an ECG monitor and a Blood Pressure Monitor.
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